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TurboDial accelerator

What is TurboDial Accelerator?

Surfing the Web just got more productive.
Get the information you need faster, reducing your connection times

TurboDial Accelerator speeds up your Internet connection by as much as 19 times normal speed. It speeds up your email download as much as 1200%!

All Dial-up users will find that their web surfing experience is significantly enhanced by the addition of this software to their PC.

Your ability to block Popups and Ads that are pushed to you, means you don't have to wait for all that extra information to download.

Key Benefits of TurboDial Accelerator:

  • DSL-like speeds for a fraction of the cost

  • Surf 19 times faster than regular dial-up

  • Block Popups

  • Block unwanted site ads

  • Send email from any network using your mail client

TurboDial is the next best thing to DSL, at a fraction of the price. Unlike costly and limited-availability broadband solutions, TurboDial is:

  • Available anywhere there is a telephone line.

  • Requires NO new hardware.

  • Is easy to install -- a few clicks will download it to your PC!

Available Now - Call 920-478-4500 for Details!

You MUST Call to Setup an Account
 Before You Can Use the Service !

Download Accelerator Client for PC

Download Accelerator Client for MAC

Accelerator Client Install Instructions

*Note: Uninstall Webcelerate before installing the new Accelerator client.

1) Click "Download Accelerator Client" link above. Click "Open" button on the File Download Menu.

2) After opening downloaded file, Click Next Button.

3) Review Software agreement.

4) Click next to accept installation folders.

5) To login, use your full e-mail address as the username and use your dial-up account password.  For dial-up passwords with less than 6 characters, 0's will appended to the end to match the 6 character requirement. ie(password of blink, will be blink0)